This page will help you get started with TruckSmarter. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Welcome to TruckSmarter docs! We're excited to be building with you. Below you'll find documentation for variation products:


We have a few way that you can send loads to the TruckSmarter Load board.

Integrate directly with our API to post, update and remove loads from the platform.

Send your loads on an hourly cadence to our TruckSmarter email.

We're working with a few TMS systems to integrate directly into your load posting workflow, so you don't have to do any additional work.


We have several APIs available for our Fuel product, that enable you to seamlessly integrate into your accounting and back office systems. Please contact our fuel merchant support team to get an API client and secret.

Fetch all Fuel Transactions for your merchant business

Pull all Fuel Settlements for the Transactions that are successfully completed on the TruckSmarter Fuel program.

API instructions and documentation for integrating with our pricing system so that you can send us the most up to date and accurate price for your truck stops.


API in progress for our Factoring partners.