Settlement Report Schema

reservationIdTruckSmarter’s uuid for reservation949a0b0a-fe96-421a-9c1a-01135972af26
externalReservationIdMerchant’s transaction_id in their accounting system, null if not applicable1B9AC0B8
truckStopNamename of the truck stop, to distinguish reservations from different truck stops in each report[TEST] TruckSmarter Travel Center
reservationCodedriver’s 6 digit alpha-numeric fuel codeG1OX66
settlementStatusone of pending, success.
pending for when the transaction was completed but have not been paid out yet;
success for transaction that has been paid out
pending, success
reservedAttimestamp with timezone when the user reserved the fuel code, 2023-01-11T12:47:57.340-08:00[America/Los_Angeles]
redeemedAttimestamp with timezone when the user started fueling2023-01-11T12:48:20.095-08:00[America/Los_Angeles]
pumpIdpump number where the driver fueled up, for reconciliation purposes12
gallonsnumber of gallons (diesel) for the reservation, in 3 decimal precision58.735
buyPriceDollarsthe per gallon price at which TruckSmarter will payout to merchant truck stop, in 3 decimal precision3.799
retailPriceDollarsthe per gallon retail price at the time of user redeemedAt4.189
paymentAmountDollarsthe total dollar amount paid out to merchant truck stop from TruckSmarter, in 2 decimal precision223.13
fuelTypeone of diesel, def, reeferdiesel
amountSettledDollarsthe amount of the reservation paid out to the merchant during that settlement period, in 2 decimal precision, (could be negative)-37.99
reason(optional), filled out if reservation had post-completion adjustmentsgallons correction
settlementStripeIdthe stripe payout id associated with each reservation. All rows in each settlement report should share the same settlementStripeIdpo_1MFkAZQ5TU0p1LtvCFxEEAxC

Example of post-payout adjustments using amountSettledDollars

Example transaction with` transaction_id: 1B9AC0B8

  • transaction report on Jan.1, 2023
  • settlement report on Jan.7, 2023 (based on Net-7 payment term)
  • Hypothetical adjustment scenario:
    • during reconciliation, we realized that the correct gallons for this reservation should be 28.735 . This reservation will not show up in the daily transaction report. However, there will be a row representing the adjustment for this reservation in the daily settlement report.
1B9AC0B8...48.7353.799185.14-37.99gallons correction
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